Bob Marley
Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 30cm x 40cm
Price: RM85

I really enjoyed coloring the gradients on "One Love One Heart"


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Watercolor Practice
Watercolor: Pentel Watercolor Set + Guoache
Brushes: Cheap Synthetic brushes
Paper: 300gsm drawing paper

I hated watercolor. I once told myself I never incorporated with watercolors because I did not understand how to use it. Maybe it was because I was used to more heavier medium as in acrylic or oil. During watercolor classes in college, I asked myself "how can these people love watercolors?"

I took that back. Now, I love watercolors. I understand now that every medium has their own specialties and watercolor is more on a really "tranquil" side. You paint with watercolors with slow and steady strokes, wetting the brushes with colors in a mannered way -- something you cannot do when you paint with acrylic or oil.

Playing with watercolors is easy but you have to understand the values of colors once you put a little water or too much water. Do you love watercolor? What brand are you using now? :)